As many has heard in the past mailings, there have been some changes in the command structure of the post.  As of the middle of January I Eric Benson have taken over as commander.  Cammander Wooley resigned with great regret and did not want to resign but felt it would be for the best of the post and his members.  Cammander Wooley served us well and I wish him the best and also thank him for all that he had to offer to us.  As a post we will continue to move forward with our new command.  As of right now Terry Harbers is our acting Sr. Vice Commander and Jim Rodgers is our acting Quartermaster.  Both Terry and Jim have been working very hard to help me run this post as smoothly as possible.  We have made many new updates to the building.  We have put a new roof on, siding, flagpole, and we have painted and freshened up the banquet hall.  We are looking forward to a great year and many upcoming events.  Please watch our website for updates on the events to come.